About William Furneaux

William, a self-taught artist with a deep appreciation for the pop culture of the early 80s, embarked on his art career when renowned artist Jim Vivieaere recognized his talent and included his 7th form paintings in the prestigious exhibition 'Bottled Ocean,' which toured New Zealand from 1994 to 1995.Although he initially pursued studies at Elam School of Fine Arts, William eventually decided that the traditional art world wasn't his calling.In the late 90s and early 2000s, his passion for art took a new direction as he delved into the realm of technology, teaching himself computer building and software to create digital artwork. This marked a significant turning point in his artistic journey.
In 2007, William and his partner Maea relocated to Wellington, where he discovered Mudbox, an innovative digital sculpting software developed by Weta Digital and recently acquired by Autodesk. Eager to explore this new medium, he immersed himself in learning Zbrush, another powerful software tool. Throughout 2008, he dedicated himself to mastering Zbrush and honing his skills in concept art, with the ultimate goal of securing a position in the industry. That year, fortune smiled upon him when ConceptArt.org held a highly regarded conference in Wellington, providing invaluable networking opportunities and feedback on his work.In 2009, William seized the chance to work at both Weta Workshop and Weta Digital, ultimately finding his place at the Workshop. Over the next decade, he undertook numerous projects, contributing his artistic talents to various films, TV shows, and games. 
In 2019, after a decade at Weta Workshop, he transitioned to freelance work, primarily as a Character Artist for film, TV, and games, affording him more time for his true passion—drawing, painting and making Art.Driven by a profound fascination with Pacific mythology and spirituality, William aspires to create a captivating body of work that transcends traditional and modern artistic mediums. His extensive experience and expertise enable him to explore the remarkable breadth of expression afforded by both conventional and innovative techniques. 

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